Bead Sizes & Colors (w/downloads)

Bead Sizes &  Colors (w/downloads)

We have created some information to help you with your creative bead projects.

Bead Size Chart - you can print out this sheet to help you compare different millimeter bead sizes

Pony Bead Color Chart - a printable catalog of our pony bead colors to help you compare between different shades and color effects

We also have instructions on how to make alphabet and pony bead bracelets and other crafts such as key chains and necklaces.

Whether you are expressing your creativity and making bracelets, necklaces or hair braiding, we have tons of pony beads colors to choose from, including vibrant and colorful bead mixes. If you are going a large project, a group event, or festival, our beads in bulk will offer great options of individual colors and themed mixes.

Pictured Above: Glitter Pony Beads

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