Free Mini Color Card w/ purchase (promo code required)

Next card available January 2022

**There will be no cards for November and December 2021 - we will have other promos and freebies for the holidays including Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales! Thank you!

These handy little cards let you see our pony bead colors in person for planning projects & orders.

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When a new card is created, it will be available for free with any order for a limited time, promo code required. If you missed a card, they are also available for purchase here along with sample packs

You can get more info on our pony bead colors by getting a printable Pony Bead Color Catalog or check out our DIY Pony Bead Color Chart.

Need help with a group project? Use our Bead Bracelet Calculator to figure out how many beads and how much string you will need.

Please share pics of your bead projects! Or contact us if you have questions or comments.