DIY Pony Bead Color Chart [Free Download]

DIY Pony Bead Color Chart [Free Download]

If you would love to have a handy chart of all our pony bead colors, we have a DIY version. We've created this 3 page blank chart that you can download for free. Print this out on card stock and then all you have to do is glue pony beads onto the chart. With each new order you receive, you can add to your chart. There are also blank spots reserved for new colors.

This chart is organized by color family so it will be easy for you to compare similar colors.

This chart prints on 8.5 x 11" paper. It is recommended to print this on card stock and then mount it onto another sheet of card stock or poster board to make it stiff and sturdy to support the weight of the beads. A hot glue gun works great for gluing the beads. 

CLICK HERE to download your 3 page chart

While you are working on your collection, we have a printable pony bead color catalog for you, plus, learn about our free mini sample cards.

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