How to Host a Bead Party

How to Host a Bead Party

Add a fun and creative activity to your next party with a colorful spread of beads for making bracelets and necklaces. Beading can be a really fun party activity, especially with the right crowd. Even if the crowd doesn’t seem like they might be into beads, you'll see everyone will have fun laughing and creating their own unique trinkets.

This jewelry making activity is perfect for different types of parties, from children’s birthday parties to bridal & baby showers!

Add little bit of healthy competition by having a jewelry-making contest to spark up the entire event. And the best part? Your guests can take their DIY jewelry home as prizes!

Below are some tips & supplies for setting up a bead party or activity at your next event. Be sure to provide a nice variety of beads to your guests so they can be creative and make unique items. To make it easy for you, get convenient bead packs in mixed colors

Beads - including pony beads, alphabet beads, bead shapes, etc.
Elastic Cord
Small Binder Clips
Bowls for beads
Table Cloth & fabric placemats

1) Using a table cloth and fabric placemats helps to prevent beads from rolling around and falling off or bouncing off the table

2) Divide beads into bowls, one for each guest. You can also put additional bowls filled with beads in the middle of the table.

3) For making bracelets, pre-cut elastic cord into 12" pieces and put a small binder clip on the end of each one. You can also make necklaces with elastic that slip on over the head, you can cut your elastic at 24-30" long.

4) Have fun creating with friends and family! To make stretch bracelets, simply thread beads on to elastic, have a friend tie the bracelet around your wrist, double knot and trim the excess elastic.

TIP: To figure out how many beads you need, keep in mind that it takes about 30-35 pony beads to make one bracelet, so one package of 500 beads will make about 14 bracelets. In addition to pony beads, include alphabet beads and different shapes so you guests can be creative and customize their jewelry.

keychains are also an easy and fun party activity just use vertical hole alphabet beads and pony beads. Click here for key chain instructions & supplies.

Add a personal touch to your party by making custom beaded party favors. Check out our Ideas for DIY Party Favors so you can make bead kit party favors or make bracelets and key chains as party gifts. 

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