Express your creativity by choosing from our selection of awesome bead colors! These beads are perfect for bracelets because they are durable, lightweight and super colorful! They work perfectly with stretch cord, elastic, leather, hemp and other types of beading cord. Personalize with different colored beads and alphabet beads to make custom bracelets, necklaces, key chains and more! Ignite your imagination and creativity with endless possibilities of bead color combinations and bead mixes! Add glamour to your beaded bracelets and bead crafts with shimmery pearl beads and glitter beads.

Do you create for social media? Add fun pops of color to your pics with our rainbow of bead colors and vibrant bead mixes. You can create fun cuff bracelets, use beads for stylish hair braids, decorations and more. Making bracelets are also a great group activity for parties, festivals and fairs. All you need are bulk packs of beads and elastic cord or a type of stretchy string that can be easily knotted. You can create a festive display of beads in theme colors or an array of rainbow bead mixes. Your friends will be inspired to create bracelets and have fun with you!

If you need help with how many beads you need for your project, use our Bead Bracelet Calculator, we also have a handy Pony Bead Color Chart and Bead Size Chart.



We have plastic pony beads in 250+ colors and mixes in gorgeous shades and color effects like glitter beads, pearlized beads and glow in the dark beads. We also have the classic colors in opaque and transparent shades. Learn more about our pony bead colors.

Pony beads are colorful and fun which makes them the perfect craft beads for making your own unique bracelet designs. Our specialty items are plastic pony beads that are Made in the USA.

These beads are drum shaped or like fat tires and are very versatile. Pony beads can be used for many different types of beading, jewelry and art & crafts projects. Our plastic beads are perfect for hair braiding is also a fun and popular activity, especially as a summertime project.

You can also make bead banners, key chains and weave sun-catchers using pony beads and alphabet beads. 

Bead colors include opaque solid color pony beads, transparent pony beads, pony beads with glitter, glow in the dark beads, and pearlized pony beads. We also have pony beads mixes or purchase each color of pony bead individually.

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Bead Bracelet Craft - Create your own personalized bracelets using alphabet beads and stretch cord.

Key Chain Project - Use alphabet beads, colored beads and cording to create custom key chains.

Plastic pony beads and plastic alphabet beads can be used to create personalized stretch bracelets, key chains, necklaces, decorations, book marks and other bead projects and crafts. We offer over 10 different colors of pony beads. We also have variety packs of color themes and pony bead color combinations.

To make bracelets, use pony beads and Stretch Magic string, or elastic cording. All you need to do is cut the string to the desired length, string the beads and tie a knot.

To make name bracelets or alphabet bead bracelets, all you need are colored bead such as pony beads, alphabet beads and stretch cord. Simply string on the beads and knot. Pony beads are available in bulk pony beads packages.

Alphabet beads are very handy for create personalized projects. You can spell out the name of your favorite team, or a special word or message. Single alphabet beads are available if you just need certain letters. If you want an assortment of letters to work with, we also have alphabet beads in packages of mixed letters.

Cube beads with numbers on them and round number beads are another way to customize your craft projects. Use numbers to symbolize troop numbers, spell out the year, or any other special date or number. Number beads are also used for making nursing bracelets.

We also offer specialty alphabet beads with vertical holes. This type of alphabet beads is for making things that hang downwards, like name key chains and zipper pulls. Vertical hole alphabet beads read from top to bottom when they are strung. Take a look at our alphabet beads with vertical holes.

Vertical hole alphabet beads are most commonly used for making key chains, book marks and anything where you would like the beads to read from top to bottom. Vertical alphabet beads are available in mixed letters and mixed numbers or you choose specific letter beads or specific number beads to customize your bead project.

Use different types of bead cording such as leather, hemp, stretch cord, beading wire, elastic, and other types of stringing materials to string beads.

Take a look at bead instructions on creating fun bead projects like stretch bracelets, beaded necklaces, name key chains and more.