Valentine's Day Book Marks feat. Pony Beads

These books double as fun V-Day cards that you can personalize for each recipient. Just a few simple supplies are needed to create these beautiful yet practical gifts.


  • Heavy art paper or cardstock - our example features watercolor art so we used 140lb watercolor paper, if you need to use lighter paper to fit your chosen medium, you can use cardstock as a backing later
  • Pony Beads and cording - we use pony beads because of the great color selection and simple shape, the holes are large so you will need thicker cording, or you can use multiple strands of thinner cord or ribbon
  • Scissors & Ruler
  • Single hole punch
  • Miscellaneous supplies for decorating book marks

Start by outlining your bookmark shapes, they can be hearts, circles, stars or rainbows like our example. Then decorate your bookmarks with special  handwritten messages and art. You just don't want to use bulky materials on your bookmarks.

After decorating your bookmarks, cut them out and punch holes at the top to string the cord and beads.

When cutting cord for the top of your bookmarks, estimate how much you need, double it and add 2". Thread the cord through the hole, double it up and string the beads, then tie a knot on the end, trim the excess if you like.

Having a Valentine's Day party? Use your bookmarks to create a decorative garland to display your bookmarks and cards before giving them away.

If you are inspired to try watercolors, check out this great beginner watercolor tutorial featuring rainbows and hearts.

We'd love to see what you made - please email pics or share on social media @ponybeadstore

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