How to Make Pony Bead Bracelets

How to Make Pony Bead Bracelets

To make stretch bracelets, use pony beads and Stretch Magic string, or elastic cording. Simple instructions and tips are listed below, this is a great activity for groups, classrooms, parties and other occasions. With our large selection of different bead colors, you can create awesome and unique color combinations and beading patterns using our bulk beads.

Stretch bracelets are awesome because they are simple to make and they easily slip onto your wrist so you can express your fashion style. Beaded bracelets are great as personalized gifts and are a fun activity to do with a group of friends at a party, on a rainy day, festival or event. After creating bracelets with vibrant colored pony beads, extra beads can be strung on to hair braids for a hip and trendy look.

Supplies for Pony Bead Bracelets
Tips - Before you start
  • Plan out the colors and beads you need, you can lay out your beads on a bead mat or place mat and decide on the pattern or order of how you will string the beads
  • Experiment with different color combinations and patterns, our pony bead color combo kits come in many different color themes and combinations so you will never run out of ideas
  • To adjust the size of your bracelet, add or subtract beads, each pony bead is about 1/4"
  • How many beads and how much string will you need to make stretch bracelets? Use our Bead Bracelet Calculator
  • You can also make necklaces - It's easy to make necklaces with cotton cord, hemp or rubber cord that are one size fits all, just make them long enough to slip over the head or use elastic cording. To calculate the beads you need use our Bead Necklace Calculator
How to Make Pony Bead Bracelets
Here is how you make an average adult size bracelet:
  1. Cut 12" elastic cord
  2. Attach a binder clip to one end, this keeps beads from falling off the end of the string as you are threading them on
  3. String beads in the design or pattern that you like
  4. Double knot the cord and trim access, some types of elastic cord have special knotting instructions so check the packaging for additional information

Having a party? Click here for party favor ideas and bead party activities.

Bracelet Size Guide
7" bracelet - a small adult bracelet size
7.25 - 7.5" - average women's bracelet size
8" or larger - large adult/ men's bracelet size

Pony beads are popular for many types of bead projects and craft projects. You can create fun stretch bracelets using plastic pony beads and alphabet beads. Since pony bead are available in over 175 different colors and mixes, you can create many unique designs. To create personalized jewelry and accessories, use alphabet beads and number beads to spells names or create special sayings and messages. Use pony beads to create bracelets, necklaces, key chains and other crafts. 

Stretch bracelets can also be made with round beads, seed beads, cube beads, glass beads, crystals beads and gemstone beads.

Pictured Above: 
"Hope" Bracelet features Pearl mix pony beads
"Dream" bracelet features Glitter mix pony beads
"Love" bracelet features Valentine's mix pony beads

We'd love to see what you made - please email pics or share on social media @ponybeadstore

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