Plastic Black 7mm Cube Alphabet Beads, (Horizontal) Single Letters, 75 beads


Plastic alphabet cube beads measuring with horizontal holes. Each pack has 75 beads of the same letter or number. These beads are black with white letters on 4 sides. You can choose specific letters and purchase individual alphabet beads. Made in China.

  • Plastic Alphabet and Number Beads
  • 7mm (0.276") cube beads with inner hole size of 4mm (0.157")
  • Horizontal holes run from left to right
  • Letters on 4 sides
  • Each package has 75 beads of the same letter or number
  • Made in China

These alphabet bead are also available in packages of 7mm Mixed Letter Cube Alphabet Beadsand 7mm Mixed Cube Number Beads. They can be strung on different types of stringing material such as elastic, plastic cord and wire. Create bead projects with pony beads or designer bead mixes.