How to Make Bead Key Chains

How to Make Bead Key Chains

Add a pop of color to your keys and zippers with your own DIY key chains. All you need are beads, key rings & cord. Our vertical hole alphabet beads are especially designed to customize key chains with names and special messages, but horizontal hole beads work great too (we have several examples below).

Using letter beads and different color combos, every key chain can be a unique, handmade item. They make great gifts and party favors too.

Pony Beads
Mini Pony Beads
Vertical Hole Alphabet Beads
Cotton Cording - our example uses 2mm thick cording*
Key Rings
Split Rings

Tips about Cording - the amount of cording you need will depend on the number of beads and size of the beads. As a guideline, you will need about 16-18" of cording for a key chain made of 15-18 beads, but you should make a test key chain to confirm.


1) Put the small split ring onto the key ring

2) Cut cord, fold in half and loop around split ring

3) Thread beads onto both strands of cord, use a mini pony bead as the last bead

4) Tie a knot and trim excess cord

*Note about cording size & material
Our examples uses 2mm thick cotton cord. Leather, hemp, and satin rattail can be used as well, just keep in mind the thickness. The thickness of the cord determines the knot size and the knot keeps the beads from falling off.

- If your cord is thinner, the knot will be smaller. In this case, end with a bead that has a hole smaller than the knot, or double / triple knot. 

- If you cord is thicker, be sure that two strands will fit through your beads.

DIY keychains are also great as Christmas gifts, Valentine's, school spirit, fundraisers and party favors. They are also fun activities for birthday parties, baby & bridal showers as well as festivals. They are also awesome to make and trade along with handmade friendship bracelets.

We'd love to see what you made - please share your pics or share on social media at Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

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Pony Bead Store
Pony Bead Store

December 10, 2022

We used 2mm cord in our example, we also added more info above the cord material and thickness. The main thing to consider is the knot size because the knot keeps the beads from falling off and make sure that two strands of cord will fit through the beads. Thank you!


December 10, 2022

What size cording do you use and do you think nylon cording would be ok to use?


December 10, 2022

What size cording do you use?

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