Patriotic Opaque Plastic Pony Beads 6 x 9mm, 150 beads

An assortment of opaque colors in red, white, and blue pony beads for patriotic USA crafts and American flag projects. This mix contains only opaque colors. 
  • Pony beads are plastic, barrel or drum shaped beads, sometimes also called crow beads
  • Bead size is about 6 x 9mm (.236" x 0.354"), inner hole size is about 4mm (0.157") 
  • Pony beads are barrel shaped, the bead is 6mm wide and the outer diameter is 9mm
  • Made in the USA
Love the colors in this mix? These colors are available individually: red pony beads, royal blue pony beads and white pony beads. We also have another Patriotic mix that has opaque, transparent and glitter colors.

This multi-color mix of pony beads is great for arts & crafts projects, banners, beading projects, jewelry making, key chains, hair braiding styles and more. Add alphabet letter & number beads to create unique name bracelets, school spirit jewelry and other fun accessories. Pony beads are bagged in cheap bulk packs which are perfect for group projects, party activities, fundraisers, special occasions and other events.