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ABOUT US is an online bead company offering pony beads, plastic beads, glass beads, alphabet beads, number beads and basic beading supplies.

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Pony beads are popular for many types of bead projects and craft projects. You can create fun stretch bracelets using plastic pony beads and alphabet beads. Since pony bead are available in over 100 different colors, you can create many unique designs. To create personalized jewelry and accessories, use alphabet beas and number beads to spells names or create special sayings and messages. Use pony beads to create bracelets, necklaces, key chains and other crafts.


"TIGERS" Bead Stretch Bracelet for school spirit
featuring alphabet beads and school colors of white pony beads and green pony beads. This bracelet is accented with plastic football beads and made with Beadsmith Opelon cord. You can also use 2mm elastic cord to make stretch bracelets.
Alphabet beads and charms are popular for scrapbooking because you can use them to customize any page.

Click here for instructions on making your own personalized stretch bracelets.
Girl Scouts "Brownies" Bracelet
featuring heart alphabet beads, red heart spacer beads, strung on wire
and adhered with glue
Pi Day Bracelet
personalizd mbellishment made from two layers of coordinating paper and alphabet beads
Relay for Life Bracelet
featuring white alphabet beads, glass seed beads, and a silver plated heart bead
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
black spots were cut out of paper and placed underneath the alphabet beads to match the leopard print paper
School Spirit Bracelet
featuring white round alphabet beads and adorable miniature sports ball beads
School Spirit Bracelet
featuring heart alphabet beads,
Czech glass beads and a pewter
wedding cake charm
School Spirit Bracelet
featuring heart alphabet beads,
Czech glass beads and a pewter
wedding cake charm

Pony Bead Crafts & Pony Bead Patterns offer a lot of great ideas for pony bead projects. You can make bracelets, necklaces, book marks, key chains and other accessories. You can also weave pony beads into different shapes and designs like pony bead animals, and shapes like a pony bead heart or pony bead star.

Alphabet Bead & Number Bead Projects are a great idea for creating customized designs. Use alphabet beads to spell out a special word, message, name or saying. Number beads can be used to spell out a special date, year or number. Number beads can also be used to make phone number bracelets. Using alphabet beads and number beads are also great for group activities and fundraisers. Use alphabet beads to express an inspirational word or spread awareness for a special cause.

Bead Bracelet Projects using Pony Beads are simple and fun to make. Pony beads are available in many colors so you can create unique designs by using different color combinations and patterns. Beads can be strung on elastic string or stretch cord to make stretch bracelets. Add alphabet beads to your designs to personalize your beaded creations.

Bead Necklace Projects using Pony Beads will lead to an endless number of designs. Create pony bead necklaces and bracelets to support your favorite team using pony beads in your team colors. You can also create stylish color combinations of 2 or 3 different colors.

Bead Key Chain Projects using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads

Bead Book Mark Projects using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads

Bead Water Bottle Collar using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads

Sunday School or VBS Projects using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads can be customized to fit the lesson or program. Alphabet beads can be purchsed in individual letters so your entire group will have the letters they need to make a group craft. Examples include bracelets or key chains with inspirational sayings decorated with pony beads. You can spell out "WWJD" in alphabet beads, "TRUTH" in alphabet beads, "JESUS" using alphabet beads and any otrher special word or phrase.

School Projects for Classroom, Events, Fundraisers using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads

Relay for Life Projects using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads

Breast Cancer Awareness Projects using Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads are simple and fun to make with different shades of pink pony beads and alphabet beads. Create bracelets for a special event of fundraiser.

Girl Scout Craft Projects

Christmas & Holiday Pony Beads can be used to create Christmas ornaments or to decorate gifts. Pony bead ornaments can be made with opaque pony beads, transparent pony beads or sparkle pony beads. Use wire to string the beads, add alphabet beads to personalize each ornament or spell a special message. Green glitter pony beads and red glitter pony beads are especially popular for the Christmas season.

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